Trail Development

During the early history of the Corduroy Brook Enhancement Association trail development progressed at a relatively slow pace. The intention initially was not to have the substantial system of trails that we have today.

The intention originally was to construct a nature trail that could be used by everybody, with emphasis on making it available to persons with disabilities. By using thin spruce logs to edge the trail and spacing them 5-6 feet apart the trail could be used by even the visually impaired.

After shrubs, rocks and other debris are cleared from the intended route, a layer of pitrun gravel is used to level out the base of the trail. Then a layer of screened gravel is applied up to the bottom height of the bordering logs. To top the trail a mixture of gravel and clay is used because of its ability to bind when compacted.

After four years of sporadic trail development, the association hired a consultant to complete a formal development plan for the future construction of the trail system as other plans for maintenance and an interpretive signage program. The development plan was completed in 1999 and continues to be a guide for the association’s activities today.