Community and In-Kind Support

Ever since actual project work began in 1995, the association has received tremendous support from the community. Businesses, community service groups, and individuals have all graciously provided much needed assistance on many fronts over the years.

Equipment such as all-terrain vehicles, pick-up trucks, chainsaws, lumber and gravel have been donated to the association for use in trail construction. Many individuals have donated their time to special events by helping organize or actually carry out physical tasks when required.

It is not uncommon to see trail users with tool box in hand on their way or returning from a fix-up project that they took upon themselves to carry out because of their love of the trail.

Community service groups, particularly the Rotary Club and the Lion's Club, have made financial contributions to the CBEA on a regular basis.

As we continue to change our focus from trail construction to maintenance and programs it becomes more important to maintain and build upon that valuable community support.