Owen Grimes Memorial Walk

Beginning in the fall of 2000, the association organized a pledge drive that built up to a group walk on the nature trail. This was to be the main annual fundraiser for the Corduroy Brook Enhancement Association and was titled "Walk for the Future".

On average the event raised about $4,000 each year for the project. Through the event trail users and other supporters were asked to take sponsor sheets and collect pledges for the walk for which they would take part. The walk is always scheduled near the end of October when the brilliant autumn colors are out in full force, and the weather is not yet too cold to enjoy a nature walk.

Each year Owen Grimes, a local resident and faithful user of the trail system, made the pledge drive his personal crusade to help the project by collecting an enormous amount of pledges, and each year ended up being the top fundraiser by far. Sadly in 2007, Mr. Grimes passed away.

Some time later the association was contacted by members of the Grimes Family to make known their interest in doing something in connection with the trail that could honour the memory of Mr. Grimes. After discussing the prospect, the association felt it was be most appropriate to rename the Walk for the Future in honour of Mr. Grimes. Given his love for the trail and his outstanding support of the project through the walk, the transition to change the name to the "Owen Grimes Memorial Walk" was a smooth and natural one.

In October 2007, the 1st Annual Owen Grimes Memorial Walk was held on the Corduroy Brook Nature Trail. The event raised over $6,000 for the project - the highest total to date. Because Mr. Grimes was so well known and respected in the community many more people had volunteered their time to help organize the event. Also, a top fundraiser award was introduced with Carolyn Billings being the first recipient.

The Corduroy Brook Enhancement Association is proud to honour the memory of such a great citizen and community volunteer and is committed to building on the event's initial success.