Our History

In 1992, Arthur King (then President of the Exploits Disability Association) along with his wife Shirley, returned home from Rick Hansen's "Man In Motion" conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. During the conference a challenge was issued to all participants to do something in their respective communities that would provide increased recreational opportunities for persons with disabilities. Mr. King was very much inspired by the challenge, making it his personal crusade to see that a wheelchair accessible nature trail would be built in his community of Grand Falls-Windsor.

At the same time, Scott James (then President of the local Rotary Club) was interested in preserving an area of birch trees located in an area undergoing commercial development. He hoped that the planned development would have minimal impact on the trees in the area.

As both men continued with their respective interests they were unaware of the partnership that they would soon form with each other. Almost by chance the two men met. They began discussing their ideas and quickly realized that they were compatible to such an extent that perhaps they could work together to build a length of accessible nature trail through the area of birch trees.

Not long after, during a site visit, the men discovered that alongside the section of birch trees was a stream. Due to community development in previous decades the stream had been damaged and degraded and was in dire need of help. It was decided that the first effort should be a major clean up of the stream in an attempt to revitalize it before any trail building would commence.

While the two men began gathering support from community stakeholders, some research was done to find out the origins of the brook. It was found that the steam had a name, Corduroy Brook, and in fact a history all its own.

Since community support was crucial to the idea, a meeting was called inviting interested citizens to gather and form a committee. It was during this initial meeting in 1993 that the Corduroy Brook Enhancement Association was born.

Original Board of Directors

  • Mr. Arthur King - President
  • Mr. Scott James - Vice-President
  • Mr. Walwin Blackmore - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Mr. Dwight Winsor - Director
  • Mr. Bill Lahey - Director
  • Mr. Terry Goodyear - Director
  • Mr. Job Goudie - Director
  • Mr. David Green - Student Director
  • Mr. Paul Mathew - Student Director