Ducky Derby

In an effort to establish an event to be held in the summer season that could be both family oriented and an annual fundraiser, the 1st Annual Corduroy Brook Ducky Derby was introduced in 2007.

The CBEA purchased 1000 colored plastic ducks that would be made available for sale for $5 each. However, a person purchasing a duck would not actually receive the duck, but rather a numbered ticket that corresponded with the number on one of the ducks.

On the day of the duck race the ducks purchased are dumped into the Corduroy Brook at the official starting line. With excited spectators looking on the ducks make their way downstream towards the finish line. The first three ducks to cross the finish line are deemed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners and award cash prizes taken from a portion of the overall proceeds.

The Annual Corduroy Brook Ducky Derby is held in the section of Corduroy Brook adjacent to the Centennial Field Sports Complex. The CBEA hopes that the event will grow into a staple on the calendar of summertime community events.