Discover Corduroy Brook

The Corduroy Brook Nature Trail is constructed along the course of Corduroy Brook. The trail is primarily constructed on flat terrain, which makes it easily accessible to people of all ages and abilities. There are many loops incorporated along the route to give users an option in terms of the distance they wish their stroll to be. Along the entire trail system there are rest areas, picnic areas, camp sites, playgrounds, shelters, outhouses, and other amenities. There are also interpretive signs providing information on various nature related themes. The trail's surrounding landscape varies, encompassing dry and wet marshes, brooks, ponds, regenerating forests areas, and open spaces. This is a unique attribute amongst trail systems.

In total the trail system is over fifteen kilometres in length. This includes over eight kilometres of fully accessible trails, and another seven kilometres of improved hiking trails. One of the crown jewels of the Exploits Region, the Corduroy Brook Nature Trail offers an enjoyable, relaxing outdoor experience for all ages and abilities. Resplendent in natural beauty and abundant in wildlife the trail has become one of the most popular recreational facilities in Grand Falls-Windsor.